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Advanced Interconnections SIP Sockets & Adapters featuring Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers

SIP Sockets and Adapters

Advanced Interconnections’ high quality, dependable Single In-line Package (SIP) Sockets, Adapters, and Headers are designed with robust screw-machined terminals for superior performance.

SIP Sockets and Adapters from Advanced are easily customized with a variety of insulator options, including Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers, molded Solid Strips, and molded Snap Strips. The Snap Strips are breakable at .100/(2.54mm) increments to ensure you always have the right size strip on-hand. All models feature our screw-machined terminals with multi-finger contacts for proven reliability and performance.
Replace hand loading operations, define a board-to-board stack height, or provide an easy method to plug and unplug components or boards. Get in touch to design the exact SIP socket, SIP adapter, SIP header, or single row connector you need.


  • Automated assembly compliant
  • Tapered entry for ease of insertion
  • Wide range of patterns and terminal styles, from 2 to 100 positions
  • Solder Preform terminals available for mixed SMT and thru-hole process applications
  • Closed bottom sleeve for 100% anti-wicking of solder
  • Optional Tape Seal on terminals protects contacts from contamination during board processing
  • RoHS compliant insulators and terminals are compatible with lead-free processing – select either Matte Tin or Gold plating


aic peel a way action 275px.original 1

Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers

Typical Applications: Eliminate hand-loading of pins, facilitate solder joint visibility, low profile component mounting or board mating

  • Place socket on PC board
  • Send PC board and socket through soldering operation
  • Peel away polyimide film carrier for complete solder joint visibility or leave in place for added stability
snap sip adapters.original

Snap Strips

Typical Applications: R&D labs, testing, repair, job shops, distributors; anywhere a variety of SIP socket or adapter sizes (pin counts) are needed.

  • Simplify inventory by keeping strips on hand and easily “snapping” to the exact size needed
  • Available with a wide variety of socket terminals or adapter pins
  • Breakable at .100/(2.54mm) increments
  • Available in 20, 30, or 32 positions
aic solder preform lineart.original

Solder Preform Terminals

Typical Applications: Intrusive reflow, eliminate need for wave soldering on mixed SMT/Through-hole boards

  • Combines the labor of socket loading and solder application into one operation
  • Eliminates use of solder paste and the screening operation
  • Eliminates solder bridges and/or solder shorts due to excess solder
  • Ensures a reliable solder joint with controlled solder volume
  • Ideal for surface mount and mixed technology applications
sipsocket tapesealant 72dpi.original

Tape Seal

Typical Applications: Harsh environments, long term storage, applications that call for spray flux

  • Removable tape seal protects plated contacts in harsh environments.
  • Sealed socket will not allow contaminants to enter socket chamber and become entrapped behind contact fingers.
  • Spray flux without contaminating contact area.
  • Material: Silicone backed polyimide film, -74° C to 260° C (-100° F to 500° F), intermittent to 371° C (700° F).

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