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The Flexibility of Modular Connectors

Positronic modular connectors

Specifying a new connector is a complicated process. Connectors must work reliably in some of the most demanding environments and applications known to man, which has led to huge variations in connector design. As a result, they can be among the most difficult components for designers to select. 

Faced with such a confusing range of options, designers often find it difficult to choose the correct product for their design. Even then, it is possible that the exact combination of options that the customer requires might not be available, even with the entire interconnect industry at their disposal.

The designer must then work with a connector manufacturer to design and create a custom connector. This can be a costly process, which may force the customer into making a compromised choice.

Positronic Modular Connectors

Modular connectors are designed to allow customers to construct a bespoke design from a range of standard options. The components of the modular connector are already designed and ready to manufacture, making it easy for the customer to specify the exact features required.

Positronic’s approach to a modular system is the Scorpion family. In this system, it is the mold tool itself that is modular. To create a connector, the customer selects the modules needed. Positronic then creates the mold tool from a number of standard dies, arranged according to the customer’s design. The plastic connector is then created as a single piece before the contacts are installed in a process known as monolithic injection molding. 

The Benefits of Positronic’s Modular Connectors

  • The one-piece construction of a Scorpion makes it very strong
  • Scorpion is a custom connector – but without the custom price tag
  • Machined contacts deliver lower contact resistance and higher current rating
  • Higher power capacity in smaller footprint