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Standard Density PCB Mount Combo-D D-Sub Series CBD and CBM

combo d mixed density d sub

All your signal, power, air, shielded, thermocouple or high voltage contacts in a single package.

Spotlight on CBD/CBM

Combo-D series connectors permit mixed contact combinations of power, shielded, air, high voltage and signal contacts within the same connector body. Twenty-two connector variants are offered in six standard shell sizes.
Three performance levels of Combo-D series connectors are offered: professional, industrial and military. CBD series connectors are quality connectors recommended for use in sheltered, non-corrosive indoor and outdoor environments having normal ventilation, but without temperature or humidity controls. Signal contacts are offered with open entry professional level or PosiBand closed entry industrial level signal contacts. CBD series connectors meet performance requirements of IEC 60807-2, Performance Level One or Two. CBM series connectors are military quality connectors recommended for use in sheltered, mildly corrosive environments having a wide range of temperature, pressure and humidity changes. CBM series connectors will meet the applicable performance requirements of DSCC 85039.
CBD17W2M55R7NT2S series 320x240 1
The CBM series is part of the Combo-D family mixed density D-sub to mix signal/power/coax/HV and fiber optic. CBM series connectors offer size 8 and 20 contacts with Mil/Aero performance.

Combo-D series connectors utilize precision machined signal contacts. Connector variants are available with contact terminations for solder and straight and right angle (90°) printed board mount terminations featuring a choice of inch or metric printed board footprints.

Power, shielded and high voltage contacts are removable, having solder and straight and right angle (90°) printed board mount terminations. Power and shielded contacts are available with crimp terminations. Air contact options are also available, see page 80 for details.

For low level shielding requirements, ferrite inductors may be attached to both signal and power contacts of connectors having contact terminations which are straight or right angle (90°) for printed board mounting applications.

The female power contacts feature the Large Surface Area (L.S.A.) closed entry contact design which provides maximum mating surfaces between male and female contacts and reduced contact resistance during operation.

A wide assortment of printed board mounting hardware, cable support hoods, and locking systems is available from stock.

A blind mating system is available for applications requiring connector coupling in recessed areas or mobile power coupling systems.

Straight and right angle (90°) PCB mount thermocouple contacts are available.

ESI is the local rep in Ohio, W. PA, W. VA, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana for Positronic. We invite you to reach out for samples and information.