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A Big Market for Small Connectors

What Are Small Connectors?

The term “small connectors” doesn’t necessarily indicate a specific connector size; rather, it refers to any connector in which a lot can be accomplished in a small space. This could encompass everything from D-subminiature connectors to shockingly small, yet powerful, microminiature variations. This type of connector is an ideal asset in scenarios with minimal space and weight requirements, such as in the use cases described below. However, don’t be fooled by their small size – these connectors offer a high level of performance in a compact, efficient package.

Potential Use Cases for Small Connectors

As mentioned above, small connectors are lightweight and compact. They must also offer a high degree of reliability and efficiency to be able to withstand harsh environments. Depending on the use case, manufacturers can also design certain small connectors for varying configurations and interconnect types. Given this degree of flexibility and efficiency, small connectors are ideal for use in the tech world. Small connectors are an excellent option for compact mobile devices, lightweight laptops, and other tech innovations. Given their durability, these products are also an ideal choice for aircraft frames and medical devices. Finally, satellite and surveillance equipment manufacturers may opt for smaller connector types due to their discreet size and weight. Ultimately, the market for these small but mighty assets will continue to grow as innovators design newer, better technological advances for a fast-moving world. Of course, small connectors also have a place in everyday industries – it all comes down to power density.

The Importance of Power Density

Given the high-intensity use cases listed above, many small connectors need to deliver a crucial characteristic: high power density in a small space. Think of power density in terms of an ordinary household plug built to deliver power to large appliances, like a washing machine. Those plugs pack a power punch, but are typically large and bulky. Now imagine that a manufacturer could create a plug that has the same power capability – but is 65 percent smaller. While that connector wouldn’t necessarily be classified as a “micro” connector, it’s still relatively small given its performance capability. This is just one example of the ways that manufacturers like Positronic can design small connectors for everyday use.

Identifying the Right Connector for Your Project

Are you in a field that could benefit from small, lightweight, highly durable components? Positronic can help you identify the right connector for your project. Their catalog includes a selection of small connector varieties including subminiature, circular, and custom connector products and accessories. Take, for example, their full range of D-Subminiature Connectors. They offer a wide variety of standard and high-density D-sub connectors and accessories, which are available in numerous sizes and performance levels. Products are trusted for their precision-machined contacts and mission-critical performance features, making Positronic a go-to resource for a variety of industries. All Positronic power connectors feature high power density and low contact resistance, no matter the size.


The market for small connectors continues to grow across multiple applications. These applications range from tiny handheld devices like smartphones to weatherproof aircraft frames. These tiny components even have a place in high-tech military technology. Ultimately, as leading manufacturers continue to prioritize the miniaturization of electronic equipment, the small connector market may well grow exponentially in the coming years.

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