Need High Accuracy Overmolded Thermistors for Refrigeration?

Selco Products is introducing an interchangeable NTC thermistor that is TPE over-molded and can be used in refrigeration applications to eliminate moisture intrusion. The TPE housing material is fused to the TPE lead wire insulation during the over-molding process. This creates a moisture-proof seal between the probe housing and the lead wire insulation. These thermistors are well suited to refrigeration applications.

Key Features

  • Selco TPE over-molded NTC thermistors can have an interchangeable accuracy as high as ±0.2°C over an accuracy temperature range of -20°C to 50°C
  • Overall operating temperatures are from -40°C to125°C
  • Typical base resistances are 10K, 30K, and 100K—others available upon request
  • Typical Betas are 3977K +/- 1% (25/85) or 3435K +/- 1% (25/85)—others available on request
  • FDA approved TPE material can be supplied for NSF or medical applications
  • Probe housing dimensions are 0.252” (6.4 mm) x 1.130” (28.7 mm) in length—other dimensions can be provided as required
  • TPE insulated leads are #22 AWG or as required and can be varied to suit the application.
  • TPE material can be supplied in gray, black, white, red, and in other colors
  • Crimp contacts or connectors can be added to the thermistor assembly leads

Excellent quality and competitive pricing!

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Selco. Selco’s wide range of temperature control products serve a variety of industries including appliance, HVAC, medical, telecommunications, food service, and instrumentation. Products include thermostats, NTC thermistors, thermal cut-offs, thermal protectors, knobs, precision electronic controls, high-bright LED lighting, panel instruments, and photocells.