Custom drop-in replacement probe thermostats!

Custom drop in replacement thermostats

Selco’s custom drop-in-replacement probe thermostats are virtually limitless, with housing and harness options to meet unique application requirements.

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Probe Thermostats

Selco’s bimetal Probe temperature limiting or regulating thermostats feature fixed factory preset calibrations, ranging from -65°F to 550°F (-53°C to 287°C). Probe thermostats can either open or close on temperature rise capable of continual operation for either hot or cold conditions. These custom probe assemblies are completely over-molded in a one-piece brass or stainless steel construction perfect for immersing or moisture proof applications. Selco can help you design a custom configuration or provide a drop in replacement. All models are UL approved and produced in Reno, NV.

Custom Probe Thermostats

Step1: Choose one of the 50 brass or stainless steel thermowells from stock. Some of these thermowells were designed for high pressure applications rated up to 9000 PSI
Probe Housings

Step 2: Choose the internal sensor which is either creep action or snap action.
Probe Datasheet

Creep Action: Slow make/slow break switching action. No built-in differential between the opening and closing temperature. Maximum load 6 amp and limited to ¼” NPT.

Snap Action: Snap action bimetal disc open or close on rise with built in differential. Maximum load 20 amp.

Step 3: Choose the wire type Probe Order Map

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