New PBLH™ Ultracaps Ideal for Varied Energy Storage and Power Requirements

PLBH Ultracap modules 12V - Tecate

The new Tecate PBLH™ module is now available; ideal for powering a 12 V system or for building a higher voltage array.

These 12 V modules are encased in a hard plastic case. They are about the size of 4D cell batteries, designed to be easily mountable and connected together.  Each module comes with an accessory pack that includes a bussbar for connecting modules together electrically, spring pins for connecting modules together mechanically, and mount screws.  Rugged to meet shock and vibration requirements and UL recognized.

The PBLH™ series of energy storage modules are self-contained energy storage devices which provide enhanced energy and low ESR to meet varied energy storage and power requirements. Each module is comprised of four individual ultracapacitor cells. These modules include passive balancing and may be connected in series to obtain higher operating voltages, parallel to provide additional energy storage, or a combination of series/parallel arrangements for higher voltages and energy. Each module can be installed in a variety of orientations by using the provided hardware.

ESI is the local representative for Tecate Group. Tecate offers the broadest capacitor product lineup coupled with superb technical support. Tecate’s wide-ranging capacitor lineup makes it easy to find the product that fits your needs.



ultracap spec PBLH

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