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Custom Ultracapacitors for Solar Power Systems

Custom ultracapacitors for solar power Tecate

Tecate Group offers an array of capacitors and ultracapacitors for solar applications including supplemental power during low-light conditions. These capacitors and ultracapacitors are available in cells and modules depending on system voltage requirements and are ideal for energy storage and circuit-charging schemes in various solar power systems. Some of their many applications include:

  • TPLH ultracapacitor cells for energy in various low-power LED lighting applications.
  • Custom ultracapacitor modules for power storage in solar power systems.
  • PBL/PBLL ultracapacitor modules for use in conjunction with small solar panels to transmit wireless network data to provide a state of health in LED streetlights.
  • Custom ultracapacitor modules for power during low-light conditions in solar-powered buoys.
  • HS2 series ultracapacitors for use in conjunction with small solar cells to provide power in wireless sensor nodes.
  • CMC ceramic capacitors for charging in solar-charging circuits.

ESI is the local representative for Tecate Group. Tecate offers the broadest capacitor product lineup coupled with superb technical support. Tecate’s wide-ranging capacitor lineup makes it easy to find the product that fits your needs.