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Case Study: Machined Springs Improve Uptime, Costs

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machined springs whitepaper

Download Helical Products’ case study illustrating how machined springs eliminate significant down time and related costs for equipment manufacturers and their customers.

studyMW Industries understands that in B2B applications, component failures not only impact your reputation, but the bottom line of your customers. While our engineers would prefer to work with application designs before production begins, they are often called upon to investigate situations where component failure has reached a tipping point.

Find out more about how our Helical Products location was able to work with a clients design team to re-imagine a traditional component and replace it with an engineered component that has eliminated thousands of dollars in annual maintenance and down time costs for their customers.

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Learn about Eliminating Downtime Costs

Application: Beverage Can Manufacturing

Problem: An equipment manufacturer approached our Helical Products location to find an alternative solution for frequent failures in a two-piece die spring assembly within one of their products. Due to the placement within the machinery, every repair required heavy equipment, a significant amount of labor and downtime for their customers.

The MWI Solution:

  • Our engineers analyzed the application and die spring assembly design
  • A change in material was suggested to meet the strength and fatigue life requirements
  • A one-piece machined spring was designed to fit the cavity of the existing die spring assembly
  • Prototype was developed and installed in a single customer’s equipment
  • Quarterly maintenance checks were scheduled to assess potential for failure


After a year of failure-free operation, the manufacturer began replacing the die spring assembly for their other customers as well as using the machined spring design in all their new equipment. After the changes, the equipment manufacturer and their customers are both saving thousands of dollars a year in maintenance expenses, the manufacturer is able to offer a scheduled maintenance check once a year, and their customers are more reliably meeting their production quotas and delivery times.


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We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for HELI-CAL, an MW Industries brand. Helical has over 50 years of experience designing and producing flexures for use in products ranging from encoders to spacecraft.