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Solved Application Story # 67 – Automotive Application – Machined Spring Protects Electronics from Rough Terrain

automotive application case study using machined spring for stability of electronics

The Challenge

Electronics were mounted on a vehicle in a vertical position; the spring was to allow the board to float compensating for movements over rough terrain. Through these gyrations, electrical connections must be maintained.

The Solution

A sketch of a suggested solution was sent to the customer’s engineer for review. When accepted, four no-charge samples were forwarded for test and evaluation. The spring eliminated two additional parts as they were incorporated into the Helical machined spring unit.

Team effort by the manufacturer’s representative, application engineer, and the customer’s design engineer made it possible to resolve this spring project in only five months from inquiry to order (250 pieces).

machined spring for automotive application

Machined Springs

The most demanding compression, torsion, and lateral spring applications can benefit from the HELI-CAL flexure concept.  Overall system designs can be enhanced because flexures increase precision, require less space, and reduce costs.

The integration of flanges, geometric shapes (squares, hexes, rounds, etc.), bearing seats, valve seats, gears, splines, bell-crank arms, internal and external threads, and other machinable shapes is available to the machine spring designer. The incorporation of these features into a single piece solution reduces the number of parts needed in an assembly and simplifies installation. In the case of torsion springs, integrated attachment features enable the transmission of a pure moment which avoids many of the drawbacks of traditional wire-wound springs.

machined springs

For more than 50 years Helical Products Company has been providing machined spring solutions to such industries as Automotive, Aerospace/Aviation, Medical tools, and equipment, Military, Energy as well as computer and semiconductor manufacturing. 

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s representative for Helical.