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Introducing New Additions to LPR and LPV Rigid Light Pipe Series

Bivar zero bleed light pipe system

Bivar’s the first to offer innovative Zero Light Bleed adapter technology with built-in surface mount LED.

The surface mount adapter channels light directly to the lens. This eliminates disruptive light bleed in and around the circuit board, which is known to cause false readings, muted and blended colors, and unwanted glow in the chassis.
The Zero Light Bleed LPR LPV surface mount adapter is available in right angle LPR and vertical LPV configurations with a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Features & Benefits

Optimum compatibility

Designed with the most compatible LED and light pipe pairing providing maximum light transmission while eliminating light cross talk between light pipes.

Enhanced durability

The adapter assembly is soldered directly to PCB, thus strengthening attachment to the PCB. The new light pipe system is optimal for high vibration applications.

Simplified sourcing

The new system makes sourcing simple by including the surface mount Zero Light Bleed adapter, LED, and light pipe in one, delivering convenience and resource savings for both procurement and assembly.

Applications & Insights

Many customers with applications in Industrial Automation, Robotics, Data Center, Agriculture, and Telecom Infrastructure use indication to communicate more than simply on or off.
The Zero Light Bleed adapter technology allows you to use multiple colors in close proximity without color crosstalk.

ESI is the local representative for Bivar, a trusted provider of high quality enclosure hardwareLED indication, and LED lighting products that are designed to meet the increased demand for innovation across a growing range of applications.