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High-Power Resistors: Fueling the EV Charging Revolution

high power resistors

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is in full swing, with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions worldwide. As investment in EV charging infrastructure grows, engineers face the challenge of reducing charge times and managing heat generation. High-power resistors play a key role in power chargers, converters, and battery packs.

Ohmite offers a variety of power resistors for high-power applications, providing versatile and efficient solutions. Their products range from thick film to wirewound resistors, with adjustable options ideal for initial design and prototyping. There are completely different lines of power resistors that are applicable to either the in-vehicle part of the design problem or the external charger portion.

We invite you to read Ohmite’s article, “The Charge of Powering Up EVs Quickly.” Learn more about requirements for fast charging systems and heat regulation and the need for high-power rated resistors that can perform.


About Ohmite

Ohmite has been the leading provider of resistive products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications for over 90 years. The company’s full complement of resistor construction includes wirewound, wire element, thick film, and ceramic composition. Ohmite also leads the way in thermal management for resistive and other technologies offering a vast array of heatsinks.

About ESI

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