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“Resistor Stability and Calculating Resistor Drift” Whitepaper

Resistor Stabiltiy and Calculating Resistor Drift

As resistors age and operate under the thermal and mechanical stresses of their application, they experience a change, or “drift,” in resistance value. While this holds true for all resistors, the degree and speed of the drift varies widely and depends on several factors.

Luckily, there are simple ways to predict resistor stability and calculate what the change in Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) will be. Ohmite outlines the fundamentals in Resistor Stability and Calculating Resistor Drift.

This whitepaper covers:

  • Understanding Resistor TCR
  • Factors Contributing to the Instability of Resistors
  • Knowing How Resistors Drift and How they Age
  • Stability and Long-Term Variations of Resistance
  • Physical and Electrical Tests

About Ohmite

Ohmite has been the leading provider of resistive products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications for over 90 years. The company’s full complement of resistor construction includes wirewound, wire element, thick film, and ceramic composition. Ohmite also leads the way in thermal management for resistive and other technologies offering a vast array of heatsinks.

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