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Maximize Energy Efficiency and Control in Home Appliances with Fuji Electric’s IGBT and IPM Modules

Fuji Electric’s IGBT and IPM modules are optimizing control and improving efficiency in home appliances for better performance and energy savings.

IPM X Series

Home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers are becoming smarter and more efficient, providing increased comfort and convenience in daily life. Power semiconductors play a significant role in these advancements, as they offer opportunities for improved energy efficiency and control.

Fuji Electric offers two types of components for home appliances: small IPMs and discrete IGBTs. These components are designed to improve the performance and energy efficiency of home appliances.

Benefits of Fuji Electric’s IGBT and IPM Modules:

  • Small IPMs:

    • Reduce design complexity by integrating IGBTs, controllers, and protection circuits into a three-phase inverter
    • Based on seventh-generation X-series IGBTs, rated for up to 650 volts and 75 amps
    • Reduce losses by up to 32%, improving efficiency
    • Can operate at junction temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius
  • Discrete IGBTs:

    • Reduced losses compared to traditional IGBTs
    • Rated for up to 1200 volts and 75 amps
    • Available with or without a co-packed diode in three-lead or four-lead to 247 packages
    • Optimized for 20 kilohertz operation and three-level inverters, bridge inverters, and PFC circuits

Whether you are designing a new home appliance or looking to improve the performance of an existing one, Fuji Electric’s IGBT and IPM modules can help.

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