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Design Simplicity and the Coupling Industry

Helical’s capability to incorporate what’s at either side of a coupling into a one-piece design gives engineers the possibility to introduce greater efficiencies to any system while decreasing parts-count and inventory

Why Choose a Machined Spring?

Design Engineers around the world have discovered the many benefits the HELI-CAL Machined Spring provides their demanding applications. Developed on the concept of incorporating the versatile HELI-CAL Flexure into a single piece of material to be used in many of the spring load cases such as: Compression/Extension, Torsion, Lateral Bending, Lateral Translation and more.

HELI-CAL® Flexure Tech Tips

Because HELI-CAL® flexures are “machined” to specific design requirements, they provide more precise performance, features and functions than can other more traditional types of springs. Please explore this guide to learn how to use HELI-CAL® flexures in your design.

Helical Offers Post-Design Flexibility

You’ve already made the part, but now you need more flexibility. Helical’s application engineers can help you add engineered elasticity to your piece.