SMA Quick Connector Adapter Ideal for Test & Measurement Applications

Amphenol SMA Quick-Connect Adapter

Say hello to the SMA Quick-Connect Coaxial Adapter! Turn any existing SMA test cable into a quick-connect cable to save time and effort – no additional tools required!

SMA Straight Jack To Plug Adapter, Quick-Connect
The SMA Quick-Connect adapter, a straight jack to straight plug configuration, is a precision machined 50 ohm adapter which offers excellent electrical performance through 18 GHz. This adapter dramatically reduces the need to fully thread on the interface. It converts any standard SMA plug test cable into a Quick-Connect cable without compromising the electrical integrity of the assembly. This SMA Quick-Connect adapter is compatible with all previously released threaded SMA jack and plug connectors.
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We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Amphenol® RF, the world’s largest manufacturer of coaxial connectors for use in radio frequency, microwave, and data transmission system applications. 

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