Amphenol RF’s Ruggedized Connectors (ARCs)

Amphenol RF ruggedized connectors

Choose connectors that hold up to extreme conditions, for use in mining, construction, and other outdoor activities.

industriesThe SMP interface is commonly used in miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules and is offered in both push-on and snap-on mating styles.
The elements can do a number on outdoors equipment. Dust and water are perpetual threats to interrupt power. But a ruggedized connector from Amphenol can eliminate your worries. Amphenol designed these connectors for use in mining, construction, and other outdoor industries. They’re fully submersible and can withstand rigorous vibration.
Amphenol Ruggedized Connectors (ARCs) are available in several configurations; see the options on Amphenol RF’s site.


We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Amphenol® RF, the world’s largest manufacturer of coaxial connectors for use in radio frequency, microwave, and data transmission system applications. 

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