How to Select a Power Supply Connector

14 Aug How to Select a Power Supply Connector

Power Supply Connector FAQ (Positronic)


Choosing the right power supply connector involves the challenge of balancing the most efficient design and cost. Electronic Design and Positronic discussed how to select a power supply connector in their latest FAQ. Download the file and learn how vendor selection is an important part of the process, as well as the consideration of off-the-shelf versus custom solutions.

This FAQ, “How to Select a Power Supply Connector,” focuses on helping engineers discover how to approach the subject with the expectation of finding exactly what they need, rather than having to select the closest approximation. Learn what you have to know about your current ratings, the type of mounting you’ll need, and other important facts before making your final choice.

Download the FAQ to learn more…


We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Positronic, a global manufacturer of high reliability electronic connectors and build-to-print cable assemblies for use in various applications related to military, space, commercial aerospace, medical, industrial, test, and rail among others.

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