Astrodyne TDI’s Package Conversion Adapters

08 Jan Astrodyne TDI’s Package Conversion Adapters

package conversion adapters

Cost-effective solutions for device obsolescence • Device sourcing and attach services • Prototype to production volumes

Package conversion adapters from Advanced Interconnections Corp. are an economical alternative to costly board redesign when IC device packages are discontinued or transitioned to newer designs such as finer pitch, lead-free, or surface mount packages. Customized solutions often reduce overall costs by combining or adding functionality, providing improved processing or testing capability by increasing pitch (fan-out), utilizing existing board inventory, and shortening time-to-market.

Astrodyne Package Conversion Adapters

  • SOIC to DIP Adapters
  • PLCC to PGA Adapters
  • LGA/BGA SMT Adapters
  • QFP Adapters
  • Customized Adapter Solutions

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