Power Entry Modules, Fuses, and Breakers by SCHURTER


ESI is the local representative for SCHURTER, a leading partner for passive electromechanical components (fuses, circuit breakers, connectors, EMC filters and input systems). Their main focus is to provide safe, clean power and make the interface between human and machine easier. Based on customer requirements SCHURTER develops, manufactures and provides value added services over a professional network of worldwide affiliates and distributors.

SCHURTER’s customers require products approved for use in the international marketplace. Customers also want innovative products and services. SCHURTER accepts these challenges as opportunities and focuses on the electronic segments of IT/telecom, aerospace, medical, instrumentation and industrial markets with particular focus on the growing market of renewable energy.

Manufacturers Representative for Schurter
We are a manufacturer's representative for SCHURTER.
  • Product overview sheet
  • UL 2.5 A | 6 A through UL 16 A | 20 A
  • Snap in, screw on, front and rear side
  • IP40 protection class
  • C8, C14,C18, C20, C22, Molex MLX