norcomp interconnect products

Manufacturer's Rep for NorComp Interconnect Products

NorComp is a leader in the design and worldwide manufacture and marketing of I/O interconnect products. As an innovative interconnect solutions provider, NorComp offers a wide range of premium machined, rugged, higher reliability connectors for military, industrial, medical and computer markets.

NorComp’s strategic objective is to become a leading interconnect solutions provider by utilizing its supply chain services, engineering and manufacturing capabilities throughout the world and applying these competencies to key customers in core markets served.

A world of D-Subs – standard and high density, IP67, POWER-D, Combo-D mixed-contact, MICRO-D, NANOOK flanged waterproof D-Sub connectors, stacked D-Sub I/O connectors and more.

Modular RJ45 connectors are designed for use in electronic applications including ethernet, computer networking, and voice / data transmissions.

Standard USB port connectors for many devices. Available in vertical or right angle, through-hole or surface mount, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, types A, B and Mini-B.