Straight Blade and Locking Devices, Stage Pins and Power Connectors, and Battery Chargers by Marinco Power Products

Marinco Power Products

ESI is the local representative for Marinco Power Products, a leading manufacturer of connector products tailored for industrial and entertainment power connectivity applications. Products are designed and built for tough, harsh environments and Marinco focuses on the needs of the high-volume OEM as well as the user of a single device.

Their breadth of products allows us to be the most flexible power connectivity provider in the marketplace. Marinco Power Products is focused on providing customers with a broad selection of products, enhanced customer service, and continued product innovation to better serve their needs.

Straight Blade • Locking • IEC 320 • Single Pole CAM • Stage Pins and Power Connectors • Battery Chargers
DC Devices • Battery Switches • DC Distribution • Fuses and Fuse Holders

Marinco Power Products is a sister company of BEP, Blue Sea Systems, MasterVolt, ProMariner, Ancor, Park Power and Progressive Industries.

Manufacturers Representative for Marinco Power Products
We are a manufacturer's representative for Marinco Power Products.
  • 15A and 20A straight blade plugs, connectors, receptacles, inlets and outlets
  • 15A, 20A, 30A and 50A locking devices plugs, connectors, receptacles, flanged inlets and outlets
  • Bates and Group 5 stage pin devices and 20A power connectors
  • Bates: Manufactured from an extreme temperature tolerant nylon compound
  • Group 5: Precision machined from high temperature phenolic material
  • 20A Power Adapters: Ideal for use with LED lighting and other loads such as multi-bank video monitors
  • Guest On-Board Chargers: Single, dual or triple battery on-board battery chargers
  • Charge Pro On-Board Chargers: Enhanced performance using the same dimensions as Guest
  • Portable Guest Maintainers/Portable Chargers: Recharge batteries after storage
  • ProMariner Battery Chargers: Delivering fast charge times and proven battery conditioning