TFT LCDs, STN LCDs, and Smart Embedded Modules by EDT


ESI is the local representative for EDT, a leader in the visual display market. EDT is an integrated touchscreen manufacturer combining displays, touch panels and cover lenses to provide customers with complete user interface solutions for their products.

EDT’s new plug and play smart embedded solution takes the workload off your application, making things easier, faster and more profitable.

Manufacturers Representative for EDT
We are a manufacturer's representative for EDT.

Smart Embedded Display

With a smart embedded module solution, Emerging Display Technologies takes a heavy workload off your shoulders. From EDT you get a total HMI solution with complete factory assembly and module testing including full product warranty and worldwide local technical support. We include your customized GUI and software implementation, if you prefer, and you will get an extensive package with significant logistic cost and time saving advantage.

  • TFT (Thin film transistor) LCD technology; also called “active matrix” LCDs
  • Faster response time and greater contrast than CSTN
  • Capacitive touch panel options
  • STN (Super Twisted Nematic)
  • Requires less power than TFT LCD
  • Popular for industrial and medical instrumentation
  • Excellent user experience
  • Modern GUI design
  • Quickly add high end graphics
  • Rapid boot time
  • Low power consumption
  • Based on RTOS; ensures fast system response