Bivar's Light Pipe Selection Wizard

light pipe for leds

Vertical and right angle rigid light pipes are engineered to carry light shorter distances in moderate to high vibration conditions and in damp or dusty environments. Chose from a selection of board mount or panel press-fit mounting types compatible with most LEDs. Customization available.


  • Lens size
  • Lens profile
  • Panel cutout
  • Color
  • Mounting type
  • Configuration
  • Body length (in mm)
  • IP Rated seal color

Check out the wizard here!

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We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Bivar, a trusted provider of high quality standoff & insulation, PCB manipulationLED indication, and LED lighting products that are designed to meet the increased demand for innovation across a growing range of applications.

Bivar’s components can be found in everything from water purification plants in Africa to connected devices in smart cities.

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