Ohmite’s Heatsinks for LEDs

21 Mar Ohmite’s Heatsinks for LEDs

Ohmite heatsinks for leds

Ohmite carries heatsinks designed especially for LED lighting applications.

Many popular LED packages are arranged in a star configuration. Ohmite provides a thermal solution for these packages with heatsinks designed for these applications. Multiple sizes and custom mounting holes can be accommodated. Your LEDs will shine bright with Ohmite.

S Series LED Heatsink

Ohmite S Series LED Heatsinks are low cost and easy assembly heat sinks for Star LED packages supplied by Cree, Lumileds, Osram, and others. This simple heat sink can hold LED modules and can be mounted simply with some thread forming screws. The Ohmite S series heatsink has two types of surface finishes and can be used in either natural (free) or forced convection cooling applications. With three extrusion lengths, the S series is the sure win for your LED thermal needs.

SV-LED Series

sv series heatsink from OhmiteOhmite introduces the SV-LED Series. The SV series is a high performance, low cost, configurable, scalable, and compact heatsink for LED modules. This powerful high aspect ratio heatsink comes in two standard heights. Each SV series heatsink can be configured to customer specifications. Customers can specify length, surface finish, mounting holes, and custom machining.

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We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Ohmite. Ohmite has been the leading provider of resistive products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications for over 80 years.

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