Heli-Cal Celebrates 60 Years

27 Sep Heli-Cal Celebrates 60 Years

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Helical 50 anniversarySince 1958, Heli-Cal’s engineering expertise, exceptional customer service and quality products, have delivered custom engineered parts all over the world. 

Helical’s proprietary process creates a flexure for couplings, machined springs and one-piece custom solutions that integrate attachments, simplify assembly and can be accomplished in a wide range of exotic materials. The engineering and complex manufacturing they deliver elevate applications for virtually any industry from military, aerospace and defense, to medical, energy, automation, high performance racing, robotics and more.

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AS9100 certified, RoHS Compliant and ITAR registered.

Flexible Couplings
Machined Springs
Universal Joints (U-Joints)
  • Standard, beam, servo and custom couplings and u-joints
  • HELI-CAL Flexure incorporated into a single piece of material to be used on spring load cases such as compression/extension, torsion, lateral bending, lateral translation and more
  • Specialty alloys
  • Integrate multiple features into a machined spring
  • Machined for a specific application and purpose
  • Certification in ISO9001/AS9100
  • U-Joints transmit torque and motion between intersecting rotating shafts
  • Handles over 5″ of angular misalignment, up to 90° in some cases
  • A direct replacement for 90° bevel gearbox
  • Can suit specific specifications and requirements

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for HELI-CAL, an MW Industries brand. Helical has over 50 years of experience designing and producing Flexures for use in products ranging from encoders to spacecraft.

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