Amphenol’s FAKRA Gen 4 Connectors Are the Future of Automobiles

Amphenol - FAKRA Gen 4 Connectors

Amphenol’s new FAKRA Gen 4.0 connectors are creating the future of car travel.

We’ve written about Amphenol’s FAKRA connector series before as a space-saving solution for the auto industry and the Internet of Things. Now Amphenol has released the latest generation of FAKRA cables. Gen 4.0 has a stamped body, contact, and sleeve, and fully-automated tooling, perfect for factories with automated high-speed cable assembly production.
FAKRA cables normally support automotive features such as keyless entry and GPS, but this generation will also help with blind spot monitoring, autonomous braking, and emergency vehicle warning systems. Although FAKRA is an automotive standard, the connectors have dozens of other applications, like smart lighting for street and traffic lights.
To see the rest of the upgrades in Gen 4.0, visit Amphenol’s site.


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