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Electronics manufacturers representative for Ohio, PA, IN, MI, WV and KY

Serving OH, MI, IN, W. PA, WV and KY

EDT Smart Embedded® for Display and Touch Applications

EDT Smart Embedded for Display and Touch Applications

With EDT’s newest invented product, they remove the workload from their partners and customers, and make things easier, faster and more profitable, with warranty for the total solution and technical support all from just one supplier – Emerging Display Technologies Corp.
The EDT Smart Embedded® product enables the user to add a modern GUI with high-end graphics and smooth animation to any system without the overhead of a memory and power-demanding operating system.
The controller board is integrated with the display as one compact module. It includes all necessary circuits to control the TFT display module, backlight, PCAP touch sensor and the GUI application. A custom designed cover lens can be added to give each product a unique expression.
EDT Smart Enabled datasheet

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for EDT. As a leader in the visual display market with ISO certified manufacturing facilities in both Taiwan and China, EDT continues to use innovation and extensive research efforts to bring products that are high reliability, viewer-friendly, and cost-effective.

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