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Selco’s BLE-Ready eCap Series Electronic Thermostats

Selco ecap

Discover the BLE-Ready eCap series by Selco Products, an advanced and cost-effective solution for temperature control. With low power consumption, a robust 30A relay, and the ability to sense temperatures from -40°F to 2012°F, this series is a reliable and efficient choice for industries that prioritize energy efficiency.

High-Performance SSDs for Challenging 5G and Telecom Needs

SSDs for 5G Oran Base Station application

Ensuring reliable storage for 5G and telecom applications demands industrial-grade SSDs. Discover how Virtium’s SSDs can withstand challenging conditions and keep pace with industry advancements, exemplified by their use in 5G Oran base stations.

Keep your appliances safe! Safe and reliable disc t-stats.

disc thermostats for appliances

Ensure your commercial and home appliances stay safe and reliable with Selco’s line of ½” disc thermostats. Their manual reset and high temperature automatic reset thermostat options are crucial for over temperature protection!

Keep Generators Cool with Thermostat Protection


From simple maintenance, to debris build up around a stationary unit, to environmental conditions or a customer’s attempt at a DIY solution, ensure that your generators stay at an optimal temperature with Selco’s line of ½” disc thermostats.

Remote Freezestats – Drop-In Solution

Remote freezestats

Remote freezestats provide low limit freeze protection controls and indication in cooling coils, operating dampers, valves, compressors, or fan motors in HVAC systems.