High Reliability RF Interconnect for Mission-Critical Medical Applications


Amphenol RF leads the industry in the design and development of high-reliability RF interconnect for mission-critical medical applications. Their broad portfolio of standard product lines support current and next generation infrastructure. Custom products are available to meet all necessary design applications.

HD-BNC Dual Port PCB Connectors Increase Connectivity Density

HD BNC Dual Port Jacks 2

Amphenol RF is introducing their HD-BNC dual port PCB jacks into their already broad portfolio of 12G optimized interconnects. This new connector configuration allows for dual-port termination and increases connector density while saving valuable PCB real estate, eliminating the need for risers or mezzanine connectors.

What Engineers Need to Know about Resistors

learn about resistors

With so many composition types, power ratings, tolerances, and surge conditions (just to name a few), how can you be sure you’re selecting the best resistor for the job?

Ultracapacitors and the Difference between Power and Energy

Ultracapacitors High power density and medium energy density

Batteries have low power density but high energy density, meaning they have a lot of energy that gets discharged slowly. Traditional capacitors, have high power density but low energy density, meaning they have less energy but can be discharged more quickly. Ultracapacitors fall somewhere in the middle, with high power density and medium energy density.