Amphenol RF’s Field Installable Type-N Connector

28 Feb Amphenol RF’s Field Installable Type-N Connector

Amphenol RF Field Installable Type-N ConnectorAmphenol RF’s field installable version of the popular Type-N connector is a reliable option without the same costly installation requirements. The field installable Type-N connector can be terminated tool-free with no advanced skill set in a matter of seconds, saving both time and expense. This connector is ideal for a wide variety of applications including antennas, base stations, instrumentation and broadcast solutions.

This 50 ohm connector operates at a frequency of DC to 6 GHz and is optimized for LMR® 400 cable. It is also an IP-67 rated sealed solution (once mating occurs) which allows it to maintain performance in harsh conditions and in the case of temporary submergence.

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