The Latest & Greatest in 4K and Ultra-HD with Amphenol RF 12G Products

Amphenol RF 12G SDI PCB and Cable Products

Everyone wants the latest and greatest in 4K and Ultra-HD – and coming soon, 8K. We are excited to see Amphenol RF join this evolution with a robust and growing portfolio of 12G products.

Amphenol RF’s robust portfolio of BNC and HD-BNC products is optimized to support data transfer rates up to 12Gbps which enables the transmission of high resolution uncompressed video signals.

Legacy BNC connectors (often supporting a max frequency of 3 GHz) often require 2 or 4 channels. Amphenol RF’s line of 12G BNC and HD-BNC products optimized for 4K Ultra HD Broadcast provides full intact signal transmission on a single channel. These connectors come in a variety of PCB mounting and cable terminations. Peak performance can be reached when Amphenol RF 12G connectors are used as a mated pair.

Amphenol RF is an industry standard in broadcast connectivity. With increased bandwidth demands in the entertainment industry, like 12G-SDI and Ultra-4K High-Definition, broadcasters are migrating to support the latest high definition transmissions. Amphenol’s interconnect solutions for broadcast applications ensure flawless transmission, reliable signal and high performance.


  • Encoders – A video encoder is capable of capturing, compressing and converting audio/video
  • Mobile Broadcast – From covering breaking news to major sporting events, the need for mobile broadcast of content continues to grow.
  • Multiviewers – Devices that facilitate the monitoring of several signals. They are able to receive a series of video signals and send them simultaneously to one or more outputs.
  • Converters – Used to scale SDI-to-HDMI input signals back and forth for optimum output.
  • Digital A/V Capture Cards – generate a feed of output images and displays.
  • Video Storage Chassis – Backplane and daughter card systems for high-definition video editing and playback.
  • Digital Signage – Digital signs in outdoor advertising, public installations and internal corporate communications, using technology such as LCD and LED to display images, videos, and media streams.
  • Remote Viewing – Traffic cameras and security systems rely on Amphenol RF’s solutions for consistent, dependable performance.

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